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Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks provide your organization with important data and systems. But, did you know the cybercriminals can also use them as an entry point? We, as one of the top cybersecurity consulting firms, provide wireless penetration testing services worldwide. We assess wireless local area networks including the use of ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave.

Why Wireless Penetration Testing?

Thousands of companies use wireless networks worldwide to access the internet. Despite all the benefits, it comes with great risks. In recent times, insecure networks are used to break into banks, companies, and government organizations. The frequency of cyberattacks is only growing bigger with time.

Through our wireless penetration test, we assess our client’s wireless networks. The main purpose of such security testing services is to access WPA2 private or corporate networks. Our experts are responsible for reviewing guest-hosting networks to see if they can identify any files or servers as guests that pose certain threats.

What Are The Stages Of Wireless Penetration Testing?

  • Planning and Preparation

    Our team conducts this procedure to obtain the necessary approvals from the management and determine the scope of penetration testing.

  • Gathering Information & Analyzing

    This phase involves identifying the information needed to conduct direct and indirect investigations.

  • Detecting Vulnerability

    This is the stage in which our tester will interact with the target to identify vulnerabilities.

  • Exploiting Vulnerability

    This step is used to understand whether any of the identified vulnerabilities can be exploited.

  • Reporting

    It contains creating a detailed report on vulnerabilities, identified risks, a summary of the penetration test, and information collected during the wireless penetration test.

About Detox

We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity solutions to give you more visibility and protect your data. Our solutions will set the highest standards for your privacy and security controls.

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“The application layer attack surface continues to grow in size and complexity, with nearly 30 percent of breaches analyzed in the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) involving an application layer attack. And since finding and retaining staff who possess the IT cybersecurity skills required to deal with these realities seems to be a universal problem for companies of all sizes.”