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Red Team Assessment Services

Do you want to know how does your company’s cybersecurity look like to the hackers?

If yes, rely on us, the best web penetration testing company to perform a Red Team Assessment for you from the attacker’s prospect. We analyze the assumption on both the situation when the hacker is inside your network and when they are attacking from outside.

What Is Red Team Assessment?

A red team assessment is a goal-based and hostile activity that needs an integrated and broad view of your framework from a hacker’s perspective whether they are inside your network or not.

We design our assessment in such a way that meets the needs of the complex security systems that hold a variety of sensitive assets by the means of technical, physical, and process-based.

What Are The Methodologies Of Our Read Team Assessment Services?

Red team assessment is one of the crucial parts of our cybersecurity consulting services. It does what a standard penetration test can’t do to secure your organization. Our purpose is to show how a real-world attacker can try out different tricks, scripts, techniques to exploit your systems. The basic penetration testing systems only rely on a limited range of safety. But, our red teamers expose the threat to your organization in ways like-

Phone And Email-Based Social Engineering

Did you know the most frequent social engineering attacks come from a phone? Social engineering is a manipulative method that exploits human errors to access all your private valuables or information. Such attacks can happen in-person, online, or via other interactions. We act against the human hacking scams in cybercrime.

Physical Facility Exploitation

Exploitation means exactly what it seems to be. At this point, our red team actively works to bypass physical controls like locks, motion detection, cameras, fences, radars, and exploit target staff with phone vishing, email phishing, or SMS.

Network Layer Exploitation

Vulnerabilities can be anywhere on your IT infrastructure. We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity professional services to detect all the safety gaps you have and provide actionable guidance on how to secure your network.

Wireless Exploitation

Wireless networks provide your organization with important data and systems. But, did you know that cybercriminals can also use them as an entry point? We, as one of the top cybersecurity consulting firms, provide wireless penetration testing services worldwide. We assess wireless local area networks including the use of ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave.

Active Directory Exploitation

Vulnerabilities in Active Directory allow attackers to easily escalate privileges to that of domain admin in vulnerable Windows Active Directory domain services after impersonating a regular domain user. With our Active Directory Pentesting services we’ll help to uncover every single vulnerability in AD environment.

Application Layer Exploitation

Your web applications are the first thing a hacker sees while targeting your organization. If your web applications have bugs like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, it provides an attacker a platform to conduct additional attacks.

Post- Exploitation

During this stage of a Red Team Operation, our cybersecurity solution providers proceed to complete the job based on the agreed-upon objectives set by our RedTeam security team and client. Ultimately, we aim to achieve the set goal of exfiltrating your most sensitive data or physical assets.

What Are The Stages Of Our Red Team Assessment?

We have divided it into 5 different categories-

Step 1

No Access Remote Stimulation

We check if it is possible to cause any hidden or open harm to an organization from a remote location, without any access

Step 2

No Access Physical Stimulation

We check what a hacker, without having access to your organization, can gain from onsite premises like physical security

Step 3

Limited Access Stimulation

Here we check what an intruder can achieve when they have limited access to your network.

Step 5


Finally, we report to our clients with every threat and detail we found during the assessment.

Step 4

Full Access Stimulation

It is the case of an attacker has the whole access to your network

About Detox

We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity solutions to give you more visibility and protect your data. Our solutions will set the highest standards for your privacy and security controls.

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“The application layer attack surface continues to grow in size and complexity, with nearly 30 percent of breaches analyzed in the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) involving an application layer attack. And since finding and retaining staff who possess the IT cybersecurity skills required to deal with these realities seems to be a universal problem for companies of all sizes.”