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Physical Security Testing

While companies worldwide continue to focus on incorporating security controls to safeguard their operating systems, they often neglect the importance of physical security. There are times when security attacks happen when the hackers manipulate one or more physical security deficiencies.

We, at Detox, focus on incorporating physical security penetration testing for your organization. This is a part of our cybersecurity services that will help you to improve your security controls. Our expert team will assess all the physical security controls to find out the loopholes. Plus, we also try to break into your building premises legally to assess all your security measures.

Why Physical Security Testing Services?

Our physical security testing service will investigate the kind of security control services you use to protect your IT environment. It includes technical controls like Access control, CCTV cameras, procedural, personnel controls like visitor records, security guards, and effective staff training programs.

Physical penetration testing services provide real-world trials of how effective your company’s physical security methods are when it comes to protecting your data, equipment, and personnel. We will set up a discussion session between you and our security consultant. Next, our professionals will infect your site and carefully evaluate and note vulnerabilities that are exposed to attackers.

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Detox would be a one-of-a-kind resource for your business because it helps you to stay competitive and current, regardless of your business or application. We use tools like red team assessment, social engineering, cans of air, shims, lock picks, and all sorts of techniques and tools to deliver a successful result.

Having you as our end-user client, you will get the scope to –

  • See end-to-end solutions rather than seeing the performance of a single component
  • Discuss complete solutions with our well-qualified and certified technical experts
  • Optimize the performance of your physical security subsystem

About Detox

We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity solutions to give you more visibility and protect your data. Our solutions will set the highest standards for your privacy and security controls.

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“The application layer attack surface continues to grow in size and complexity, with nearly 30 percent of breaches analyzed in the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) involving an application layer attack. And since finding and retaining staff who possess the IT cybersecurity skills required to deal with these realities seems to be a universal problem for companies of all sizes.”