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Social Engineering Services

In today’s virtual workspace, you can never ignore the risks of being manipulated by hackers and losing your valuable business information. There are cases when cyber criminals use psychological manipulation to get access to your sensitive data.

Hackers might attempt to trick your employees into disclosing sensitive and vital business material. You have to ensure that your employees are ready to tackle all the risks. Our social engineering cybersecurity services help to validate and improve your employee training and safety measures.

Why Is It So Important?

Social engineering attacks are increasing with each passing day. It is high time you find out if your business policies and employee training modules are good enough to protect all your sensitive data. The common cyber threats include phishing emails, unauthorized personnel on-site, and malicious phone calls.

We, at Detox, analyze your company’s social engineering security programs (if any). Next, our experts will perform social engineering attacks to see will the targets click on the links and provide private information or act smart by reporting it.

Key Benefits Of Our Services

Our cyber security solutions will allow your organizations to

  • Test your staff’s overall responsiveness to unknown internet users operating within the same workspace
  • Be assured around your operation’s physical security posture
  • Directly measure staff compliance against your internal procedures and policies
  • Make the most of our dedicated cybersecurity service provider who uses top-notch techniques and tools to accurately detect and identify the emerging threats

Why Should Your Organization Need Social Engineering Assessment?

Threats might come with any random person who can simply walk into your work building. The hackers usually try to trick their targets into exposing their bank information, passcodes, or any other private information. In some cases, an attacker might try to assess your company’s systems to install malicious software secretly. Such programs can give them all the passwords, sensitive information, and even control over your company’s computer.

Being one of the top cyber security companies we will perform similar social engineering attacks to see how the targets (your staff) will react to it.

About Detox

We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity solutions to give you more visibility and protect your data. Our solutions will set the highest standards for your privacy and security controls.

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“The application layer attack surface continues to grow in size and complexity, with nearly 30 percent of breaches analyzed in the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) involving an application layer attack. And since finding and retaining staff who possess the IT cybersecurity skills required to deal with these realities seems to be a universal problem for companies of all sizes.”