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Mobile App Security Testing Services

Cybercriminals might be checking your mobile app for potential weaknesses. Our OWASP Mobile App Security Testing Services find out the vulnerabilities in both Android and iOS platforms. Let us perform a 360-degree security check and protect your app’s users’ privacy and your app’s confidentiality.

Nowadays, both public sectors and private sectors are using mobile applications to provide their best services to their consumers. Do you have high-end mobile apps for your business?

What Is Mobile Application Penetration Testing All About?

Android/ iOS penetration testing is a crucial part of the modern Software Development Lifecycle. At Detox, we focus on the mobile app security of your digital business. We help you to identify the risks in your application that safeguard you from data leakage, hackers, defamation, reputational loss, and above all business loss.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge in the field of mobile application security testing. We help you to mitigate the threats linked with your mobile apps by identifying the vulnerabilities of your IOS and Android Operating systems.

What Are The Risks With Your Mobile Apps?

Day by day, mobile applications are becoming too complex. As a result, their threat landscape is also expanding. An insecure app may result in leaking your sensitive personal or business data to other applications on the device.

How Can Our Cyber Security Professional Services Help?

Our holistic approach is to perform penetration tests that not only discover the online threats but also figure out the safety measures based on the industry standards.

We Help You By

Defining A New Scope

Before running an application assessment, we define a clear scope of the client. Transparent communication is required for us to build up a solid foundation to work on.

Local Data Storage

A mobile app holds many sensitive data like private information and user credentials. Our cybersecurity professional services ensure that your mobile app doesn’t expose your sensitive data anywhere else.

Gathering Information

We collect as much information as we can on the target with a diversified range of open source intelligence techniques and tools. The assembled information assists us to understand and check all the cyber risks precisely.

Attack & Penetration

We make sure to perform all application-layer attacks on your mobile apps by performing both automated and manual security scans to find all your possible vulnerabilities. After figuring things out, we run exploits on your mobile app to test its security. We use open-source scripts and different methods to gain a superior degree of penetration.

About Detox

We, at Detox, provide cybersecurity solutions to give you more visibility and protect your data. Our solutions will set the highest standards for your privacy and security controls.

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“The application layer attack surface continues to grow in size and complexity, with nearly 30 percent of breaches analyzed in the most recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) involving an application layer attack. And since finding and retaining staff who possess the IT cybersecurity skills required to deal with these realities seems to be a universal problem for companies of all sizes.”