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Why is Security Testing done in Web Application

Before understanding WHY lets first understand WHAT

Security testing is the process of examining and testing information technology(IT) assets such as software, networks, and hardware for vulnerabilities (weaknesses).

What is Security Testing?

It assists us in assessing the risk associated with an IT asset and is based on three fundamental pillars that we refer to as the CIA triad:

C –Confidentiality

Confidentiality refers to limiting information access and disclosure to just authorised users, as well as preventing unauthorised users from accessing or disclosing information.

I –Integrity

Integrity of information means keeping information from being changed by people who aren’t supposed to have access to it.

A – Availability

Information must be available to people who are supposed to have it when they need it.

Why security testing?

Any IT asset can be compromised if appropriate security measures are not implemented and best practises are not followed.

Security testing is primarily concerned with identifying threats within a system and quantifying its possible vulnerabilities. This enables threats to be encountered easily and without impairing the system’s operation.

Moreover, security testing protects the application from being exploited.

Why Security testing is important in Web Application?

Nowadays, every activity, from obtaining for a driver’s licence to filing taxes, is conducted online. That is why websites are a prime target for attackers who exploit system vulnerabilities(Weaknesses).

However, the question arises: Is this the only motive for website hacking?

According to some estimates, between 30,000 and 50,000 websites are hacked daily. The numbers continue to climb daily, and the importance of website security continues to grow at a fast speed.

Thus, there must be further reasons; from now on, we’ll discuss 3 of them.

Brand Reputation Damage

A website is a business’s intellectual property; it serves as its identification on the internet. A breach in this intellectual property may harm the company’s brand, resulting in financial loss, loss of user confidence, and possible fines and litigation.

Sensitive Information Disclosure

Many websites collect, store, use, and handle sensitive data such as personally identifiable information , account credentials, and health records.

Such data and personal information are in high demand on dark markets (a site where hackers trade sensitive information for cryptocurrency) due to their ease of sale and potential for a big profit.

Any website that collects, stores, or transmits sensitive information should undergo a security test to detect and address vulnerabilities, thereby reducing the chance of a data breach.

Spreading Malware

There are other websites that do not collect personal or account information, but are used by attackers to host malware and viruses and distribute them to victims.

After compromising a website, attackers exploit it to launch attacks against other organisations and internet users. Hackers often host mining tools on your website, which enables them to earn money by utilising your website’s resources. Additionally, a compromised website might act as an attacker’s workstation, launching attacks against other websites.

As a result of all of these factors, web application security must be implemented.

How Detox can  helps you in Web Application Security?

Our web application security protects your site from all cyber threats. We have been safeguarding billions of online transactions across the globe. We use cyber security solutions to detect cyber risks with automated penetration testing methods. We have a certified team of virtual security experts who are well-familiar with using AI-based automated scanners.

In this era of intense competition, safeguarding your confidential data is a must. For cutting-edge penetration testing, we have adopted the mindset of an ethical hacker. We use SQL injection tests, web defacement, CSS Injection, and Remote Code Execution to analyze all the technical flaws, weaknesses, or vulnerabilities of your web applications.

Detox should be your first choice while choosing WAPT (Web application penetration testing). We make sure that you get only the best level of online security.

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