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Best Tips to Know if an App is Safe in 2022? Detailed Guide

Apps are available to help us be more practical and agile in our daily lives. However, even with security features, some apps are harmful and may contain viruses or malware, so be cautious while installing them to your mobile device. To minimise such annoyances, Western Union Canada has put up this guide with recommendations on how to tell if an app is safe. Take a look at it!

1 – Go over the user ratings and comments.

Ratings, consumer reviews, and comments are usually available for well-known apps. Based on such experiences, you may have an idea whether the software is good and reliable before downloading it. Choose developer apps that have a high rating and a lot of favourable feedback.

2 – Get apps from official marketplaces.

Because all smartphones come preinstalled with apps, it’s critical to download them from official shops (such as Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS), as the majority of well-known platforms have procedures in place to analyse programmes before they are published.

If you go to an unofficial store, however, you run the danger of installing programmes that have been tampered with by thieves because the standards are more lax. There are valid third-party platforms that are not controlled by a mobile operator, such as the Amazon App Store; nonetheless, downloads from uncertified stores should be avoided.

3 – Make sure you’re up to date.

Check when the app’s developer last updated it, because if it’s out of date, it’s more likely to be infected with malware or have security flaws. In addition, the app may be incompatible with newer devices and may not offer support in the event of a problem. Apps that are updated on a regular basis, on the other hand, frequently display users the most recent updates in new versions.

4 – Prefer apps that have been recommended to you.

Another way to tell if an app is safe is to look for those that are recommended by the official store. These apps are more trustworthy and have the “Editor’s Choice” seal. On the Google Play store’s home screen, you may find the app suggestions area. To check out the highlights on the App Store, simply head to the “Today” section.

5 – Pay attention to the app’s permission requests.

Program permissions must make sense, that is, they must be compatible with the software’s operation; for example, if a photo editing app requests access to your phonebook or microphone, be wary. If you’re unsure, don’t download or remove the software.

6- Make sure your phone has an antivirus installed.

Antivirus or security software installed on your device can help you determine whether or not an app is safe by detecting and eliminating potential risks. Because they work directly on the operating system, this protection is especially important for Android users. Only suspect text messages containing potentially dangerous links are analysed by an antivirus on an iPhone.

These are some suggestions for avoiding traps in the digital world. Putting these into practise makes it easy to determine whether an app is safe and increases device and personal information security.

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